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Modern Stringed Instrument Repair

     At Ivory Lutherie, I specialize in all manner of repairs of modern (non-orchestral) stringed instruments. Acoustic and electric guitars, basses, mandolins, Dobro's, National Steel's, pedal and lap steel, banjos, autoharps, celtic harps, you name it ! From simple repairs to full on restorations, I've got you covered.

Typical repairs include (but are not limited to):

- Authorzed Taylor Guitar Silver Plus Level warantee repairs

- Setups (non-tremolo, tremolo, Floyd Rose etc)

- Fret dressing (full, partial, or single frets)

- Refrets (full partial, or single frets)

- replace\shim\recut nut

- replace tuners

- replace truss rods

- bridge resets

- neck reset (dovetail, mortise\tenon, etc)

- crack repairs

- neck breaks

- top\back replacement (on acoustic guitars)

- Repair and rewire electronics

- pickup installations\modifications (LR Baggs, K&K Sound dealer)

- Refinish and finish repair. Nitrocellulose and Waterbase Laquer finishes are used.

- Case repair (replace handles, latches,locks, glue down tolex)