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Keyboards, Stompboxes, PA, Etc. Repair

       Along with the amplifier repair I also repair stomp (effect) boxes, rack mount effects, PA speakers (powered\unpowered), amplifiers and mixing boardselectronic keyboards (pianos, synths, controllers etc), Hammond tonewheel (B3, C3, A100 and the like), Leslie speakers, .

Typical general electronic repairs include (but not limited to):

- electrical cleaning of controls, in\out jacks, internal connections

- relow of solder joints for high stress areas of printed circuit board (PCB)

- replacement of burnt or out of spec components

- replacement of existing components with higher quality components

- circuit redesign to improve reliability and performance.

Typical keyboard repairs include (but not limited to):

- electronic repairs as shown above

- key\felt replacement

- tine\pickup\key\hammer replacement on Fender Rhodes

- reed\pickup replacement on Wurlitzer electric pianos

- repair of key contact boards, replacement of key contacts

- Converting an  external powersupply (wall wart) to internal supply with IEC socket (think computer type AC cable) mounted to the inside of the keyboard case. This eliminates the problem of crappy DC\AC wallwart connections to keyboard.

- anything else I can think of.

Hammond Tone Wheel Organ\Leslie speaker repairs:

Typical Hammond\Leslie repairs include:

- tube socket replacement. Choice of Amphenol\Micolex style plastic or ceramic sockets with shields where applicable.

- replacement of electrolytic and old wax capacitors.

- replacement of power\output transformers and chokes\inductors

-rebuild of cross over networks (Leslie speakers)

- Conversion of Leslie amps to 122\147 specs. This will depend on which amp is used in the conversion

- Complete rebuild of Hammond AO-28 preamp using the Trek CPR-28 rebuild kit.

- all in house. I no longer perform field service on Hammond organs or Leslie speakers. I can rebuild amplifiers\preamplifiers for the organ or Leslie speaker but you will have to bring them to me.