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Speaker Reconing\Cabinet Repair

      Many speakers are no longer manufactured and yet, based on their design and performance, are considered valuable. It can be desireable to repair the speaker using an original manufactures cone kit (when available) or an aftermarket kit designed according to the original manufactures specification.


      Speaker reconing is the process whereby the existing cone,voice coil, spider, and gasket are removed from the speaker frame, the frame is cleaned and prepped for a new kit (cone,voice coil, spider), and the new kit along with the gasket and tinsel wires (leads) are installed. This restores the speaker to it's original specifications. In some cases this is a cheaper solution than replacing the speaker with a newer model (which may not perform the same way as the original equipment speaker).

     I perform speaker reconing as well as driver diaphragm replacements when parts are available.

     Speaker cabinets take a lot of abuse. The Tolex (covering) gets ripped up, grill cloth gets torn, handles, casters (wheels), corners, and glides get destroyed, the joints of the cabinet get loose and come apart. Rather than replacing the cabinet, it sometimes makes more sense to repair or modify the cabinet. I can perform these repairs and modifications.