Parts Sales


    As ISW is a repair business I naturally need to keep a stock of “bread and butter” parts on hand. As I am a dealer for Mojo Tone, All Parts, Trek II, New Sensor\Sovtek, Groove Tubes, Ruby Tubes, D’Addario\Planet Waves, I can get you parts at a discount. You name it: tubes (new old stock or current stock) , pots, caps, carbon comp resistors, switches, foot pedals, speakers, speaker cabinets, knobs, Hammond\Leslie replacement or conversion parts, pickups, replacement necks, replacement bodies, bridges, saddle, tuning heads, you name it !

Current Inventory of vacuum tubes

    Groove Tubes:

      5881-C Quad matched set (6 rating)

      6L6-GE Quad matched set (7 rating)

      EL34-M Quad matched set (7 rating)

      EL34-R Duet matched set (5 rating)

      Substitube-928-PR EL84’s (3 rating)

      EL34-S Quad matched set (7 rating)

      E34L-S Quad matched set (7 rating)

      6L6-S Quad matched set (7 rating)

      6V6-S Duet matched set (4 rating)

      EL84-S Quad matched set (6 rating)

      6L6-C(HP) Quad matched set (7 rating)

      6L6-GE Duet matched set (7 rating)

      2) 5U4 rectifier

      2) 5AR4

      9) 12AT7

      4) 12AU7

      2) 12AX7C

      2) 12AX7M

    Sovtek Tubes



      2) Tungsol 6550’s (matched)

    New old stock

      JAN OC3W



    - Various Sprague Atom Electrolytic

    - Various Sprague Orange Drop 715P, PS types

    - Various Mallory 150 film types


    - Various new old stock Allen Bradley carbon comp

    - CTS pots

Miscellaneous stuff: